Reno-VIN is a purified ,Lyophilized, polyvalent, equine-derived snake venom antiserum. It is a F(ab) 2 fragment of whole IgG purified from the plasma of horse that has been immunized with venoms of different species of snake

Mode of Action:

Snake venom antiserum is injected into the patient intravenously and it works by binding to and neutralizing venom enzymes

Indications :

Snake Venom Antiserum is indicated for bites caused by Indian Cobra, Common Krait, Russell's Viper and Saw-Scaled Viper, where the patient presents with clinical signs and symptoms of envenomation


Snake Venom Antiserum is a sterile solution containing enzyme refined anti snake venom equine immunoglobulin F(ab’)2 fragments for parenteral administration. 1 ml of Snake Venom Antiserum neutralizes not less than 0.6 mg. of the Indian Cobra venom, 0.45 mg. of Common Krait venom, 0.6 mg. of Russell's viper venom and 0.45 mg. of the Saw-Scaled Viper venom.


It is recommended to administer initial dose of 5-10 vials by slow intravenous infusion either undiluted at a speed of not more than 2 ml per minute OR after dilution with Normal /glucose saline at a rate of 5-10 ml/kg body weight over one hour. Children should receive the same dose as adults. Requirement of further dosing depends on extent of reversal of coagulopathy confirmed after 6 hours by WBCT in haemotoxic bite OR if symptoms persist or worsen or in respiratory failure in neurotoxic bite after one hour of Antiserum administration.


Snake Venom Antiserum being derived from equines is heterologous to humans can give either early or late reactions. Inj. Adrenaline should be always kept handy, before starting the dose of Snake Venom Antiserum. Reduction in adverse reactions has been reported by use of adequate dilution of Antivenom with saline and controlling rate of infusion.


There are no known contraindications for the administration of Snake Venom Antiserum. Proper precautions are necessary while dealing with persons with a known hypersensitivity to constituents of product. Hypersensitivity skin test has no predictability value and hence should not be used


Reno-VIN snake venom antiserum is supplied as freeze dried powder along with Water for injection in 10 ml vials


Lyophilized Snake Venom Antiserum is stable at room temperature but ideally, it should be stored in a cool place. Do not expose to excessive heat.


Lyophilized – Four years

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